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chris-with-shadowLast night I had the good fortune of being invited to the Producer’s Guild of America sponsored Producer’s Challenge Awards on the Sony Pictures lot. There were a multitude of great films screened including two phenomenal doc’s called Pickin’ and Trimmin’ and One Bridge To The Next (winner for the category). But the narrative film winner of the night was from the incomparable Chris Jones and his film Gone Fishing which has enjoyed tremendous success on the festival circuit. Congratulations Chris and thanks for the invite.Chris’ big highlight for the night came when Gale Anne Hurd (producer of Aliens, Terminator, Incredible Hulk) approached him gushing about how much she loved his film. He couldn’t have looked more proud (or incredulous!). The winner gets some mentoring time with Ms. Hurd, Mark Gordon, Marshall Herskovitz or other name producers in Hollywood. I hope for Chris’ sake, Ms. Hurd will make her time available.

From what I heard about the conference from the participants, it was well worth the over $900 fee to attend. The chance to meet Clint Eastwood alone was worth the fee for some. This was the first year of the Produced By seminar and it will be interesting to see how it develops in future.

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