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March 25, 2010
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I’m headed to London to work with the incomparable Jon Reiss and Chris Jones for the first TOTBO (Think Outside the Box Office, get used to seeing it) workshop. It will take place at Ealing Studios on May 8-10, 2010. We are all so excited to bring this to our British friends and I hope many of you will turn up. It is a knowledge packed 2 days with an optional 3rd day with Jon live workshopping actual projects in need of customized marketing and distribution advice. The price for that 3rd day, is less than his normal hourly rate, so if you are ready to go into production, you gotta take advantage. Here’s the deets. Sign up!

Jon Reiss‘Revealing the new distribution and marketing realities is of critical importance to film makers and our community. Media content creators of all types need to understand that the days in which you could merely “create” and let someone else distribute and market are nearly over. A new paradigm exists in which making films and finding a way for that film to reach an audience are not merely equally important, but need to be organically integrated into a seamless whole.’
Jon Reiss, Los Angeles March 2010

When we wrote the first edition of The Guerilla FilmMakers Handbook back in 1994, people wanted to know… ‘how the heck do you make a film?’ Now in 2010 and six books later, we know that you can make a film. In fact, we are pretty sure you can make a terrific film. But making a film is no longer the problem.


For the first time in the history of commercial film making, YOU THE FILM MAKER, can create powerful, sustainable and income generating distribution models WITHOUT THE EXCLUSIVE NEED for third parties such as a sales agents, distributors and even broadcasters.



Finally, we are in full control of the flow of money back to us… the entrepreneurs and creatives! It’s never been more exciting to be a film maker.


Jon Reiss003This groundbreaking event is headed up by possibly the most important voice in independent cinema right now, Jon Reiss, and supported by Chris Jones of The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook, and LA based cutting edge film marketer Sheri Candler. Three voices. One powerful message and toolkit.

Day001Saturday kicks off with us showing you how to create a 21st century ‘no budget’ (but lots of elbow grease from you) marketing strategy that will create deep connections between you, your film and your audience.

Key to the success of your film is this groundwork – in the past, this used to be a screenplay. But now that work is interwoven with a marketing campaign at concept stage. The good news is that this early marketing also acts as a cash attractor, so it could be funding your project from day one.

Sheri CandlerWe will take you through the quagmire of the effective use of social media tools, creating and maintaining blogs, managing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get you ranked at the top of Google, using industry sites, OpenIndieIndieScreenings and many more.

You will leave day one with a clear strategy that you can begin to implement that very evening.

Day2Sunday and the focus shifts to the creation of a dynamic distribution and marketing strategy that is unique to your film, offering insights into the ‘real’ markets that are available (in which to release your film), how and why to engage your audience as early as possible, and how to think beyond the feature film to create new forms of content.

Key to these strategies is the understanding that you MUST generate multiple revenue streams and adopt a HYBRID distribution model.

Jon is truly a visionary who can see not only how distribution ‘is’ but also ‘how it can be…’ We are lucky that he has chosen to stop off in London on his way to Cannes to deliver this career and life changing seminar.

Day3Monday, the additional day threeSpeed Consulting – Maximum of 20 places.

Jon will assign “homework” to each project after Day 2.  On day three he will thenworkshop a distribution and marketing plan for each project in front of the group with the group’s participation. By sharing in this group dynamic, filmmakers will not only create the beginnings of their own strategy, but will start to see the broad range of approaches that they can apply throughout their career.

This will give each attendee the chance to have an accelerated consultation on their film, and they will leave with tailored concepts, insights in to the projects weaknesses and strengths, as well as a clear path to follow.


Jon’s book, Think Outside The Box Office, has transformed the strategies and careers of thousands of film makers since it was published just a few short months ago. His thinking is radical, but supported by his own real world experience as a multi award winning filmmaker. You can buy Jons book here.

Sheri Candler recently handled the marketing for micro budget Slamdance horror, ‘YellowBrickRoad.’ Here’s what they had to say about her…“Sheri is very knowledgeable about social media and viral campaigns, understands the current state of independent film marketing, and always has the best interests of the film at heart.”-Eric Hungerford, Producer,YELLOWBRICKROAD

Chris and SheriAnd yes, that’s me (Chris Jones) with Sheri, at the Producers Guild Of America Awards last year where Gone Fishing won BEST FILM.

We will NOT be running this event again in 2010 so this is your ONLY chance to attend. Good luck with your movies and we hope to see you at the event!


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