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May 7, 2010
posted by sheric

Hiring PMDs in these early days

I look forward to a near future in which filmmakers/directors will be able to put out calls for PMDs just as they do for DPs and Editors – and that they will get an equal volume of applications.   Directors will develop long term relationships with PMDs that “get them” just as they do with DPs, Editors, and Producers etc.

These people don’t exist yet – but the work is monumental.  I was talking to a director at a party just this week about this issue.  All of the producers who helped her make the film had moved on to paying work – they loved the film but couldn’t afford to be involved any more.   I asked her if her credits were locked yet, she said no.  I said – go post for a low paid position – but offer an associate producer credit (or Associate PMD credit).  This doesn’t have to be a film student – or someone working in film.  It can be that person you know that is a great salesperson, great with social networking, is organized, is interested in film but has no interest being on a set – they do exist.  That is someone who can help you get this work done.

Two of the Co-Producers on Bomb It started working on the film six months after we premiered the film at Tribeca.  I couldn’t get them on the credits of the film – but they are on the credits of the PAL DVD, and I will back up their credit on IMDB and in references any day – and that is ultimately what matters – a verifiable credit to someone coming up.

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