You Need Community Support

April 4, 2011
posted by sheric

In the past few months, maybe most of this year, I have submitted a few posts to various blogs and invariably it invites criticism and jeering in the comment section from some in the indie film community who are less than thrilled with what I have to say. I can only venture a guess as to why they do this and it certainly won’t stop me from writing my views, but I want everyone to consider what they are doing when they decide to leave words that are not only unsupportive of others views but sometimes cruel and bitter. There is a whole group of people in indie film who are focused on wanting things to change for the better, who want to help in any way they can and want to encourage each other in their pursuits. If the views being expressed by them don’t resonate with you, find a community of people whose views do and join them. No one should be alone here.

It is not surprising the film business is tough and cruel; it chews people up every day and it often leads to bitterness and loneliness. Before the advent of social media tools, you had to depend on finding a supportive network in your physical locale. The true wonder of the internet and social networking in particular is that you can find your “people” wherever they are in the world. Say what you like about Twitter, it is one tool I have seen work time and again to join people with similar interests and mentalities together who live in very different parts of the world. I personally know everyone in this video from Egofest because of Twitter and I think they probably know each other from using it too. They are some of the most supportive people you could ever meet. Another great group for script writers can be found on #scriptchat and I am sure the list goes on.

The point I am trying to make is, there is enough bitterness in the world outside of filmmaking. We should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone, but find some group you do agree with and band together. You NEED this support, you shouldn’t be an island, you can’t survive that way and there is no reason to continue alone. Stop tearing down others’ views and start finding your tribe.

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