Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2011

April 7, 2011
posted by sheric

Once a year, the Social Media Examiner issues a report on the state of social media. I have pulled out a few of their findings that you may find useful in navigating the marketing of your film in the social media world. Please note, the participants come from different industries, not specifically media. Also, these findings do not mean that you have to strictly follow them. All projects are unique and have unique audiences. What works for one film/product will not automatically mean success for yours. Comments in parentheses are personal.

-75% of all Americans use social media. (if you haven’t started an account, it’s time!)

-nearly 25% of all online time is spent on social media sites.

-of the more than 3,000 survey participants, 1/2 have less than one year’s experience using social media for marketing.

-63% of people with 3 or more years of experience spend more than 10 hours a week doing social media activitie.s (I’m more like more than 10 hours a day!)

-The number one benefit of social media marketing is standing out in an increasingly noisy world.

-Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs were the top four social media tools used by marketers, with Facebook leading the pack. All of the other social media tools paled in comparison to these top four.

-At least 73% of marketers plan on increasing their use of YouTube/video, blogs, Facebook and Twitter. A significant 86% said they have no plans to utilize MySpace or
will reduce their efforts.

-A mere 40% of businesses plan on increasing their social bookmarking activities, only 36% of businesses will increase their forum activities.

-30% of marketers plan on increasing their use of geolocation services like Foursquare. Larger businesses are more likely to employ geolocation.

-Only 19% of marketers plan on  increasing their use of Groupon or a similar group-shopping site.

-Asked if they were outsourcing any of their social media marketing efforts, the overwhelming majority said no, though the number of those who are outsourcing  has doubled since the 2010 report, from 14% to 28%. (curious until I saw the next stat)

-Design and development, content creation and analytics are the top three areas that  social media marketers are outsourcing. Those with 3 or more years experience are more likely to outsource design and development tasks. (Interesting, those with more experience don’t outsource content creation).

-Top three other types of marketing being utilized included email marketing, search engine optimization and event marketing.

-Slightly less than half (46%) plan on increasing their online advertising efforts. Large businesses (1000 or more employees) were most likely to increase online advertising.

-80% of marketers plan on either keeping the same levels or increasing their use of press releases. Small businesses were significantly more likely to employ press releases than larger ones.

-A significant 55% of marketers either have no plans to use or will decrease their use of print ads.

-Most marketers (68%) have no plans to use radio ads. Only 10% of businesses with 500 employees or more plan on increasing their use of television ads.

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