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May 4, 2011
posted by sheric

I may have bothered a few of you with this on Facebook to help narrow down the choices (thanks for taking the time!), but now we are asking all of our filmmaker friends to help us choose a title. This will be a digital book (to start with, other formats to follow but will be less cool) to take advantage of all the great ways to layer in content, context, additional resources and social media capabilities (c’mon how can we NOT?). It is due for release during IFP Week in September. I am co authoring it with The Film Collaborative’s Orly Ravid and Jeffrey Winter as well as Jon Reiss so you know it will be the real story, no sugar coating, real numbers. It will be a collection of case studies with practical advice from those in the hybrid distribution/DIY distribution trenches and I think it is going to be epic!!

We’ve got a good cross section of subject matter; documentaries, narratives and my chapter even includes a web series (as well as films) using P2P networks to distribute. I’m going to be taking a look at the piracy debate and creators who have chosen to use the internet as their primary distribution method. In the coming months, you will be hearing more about this, but we need your help to give it a name. Promotion ALL starts with a name. The choices are a mix of the academic to the subversive so we’ll see what wins out.

We will probably test more things like cover art too, but for now, please help us with this most basic element. You can take the survey right here

Update: we did arrive at a title. “Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul” will be released in September 2011. Thanks to all those who helped us choose!

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