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May 13, 2011
posted by sheric

This is a repost of a very short piece on the REACH Personal Branding newsletter written by editor Rachel Gogos. I thought many of you would benefit from it since I speak often of the need for an artist to build a personal identity (a brand). If you want to hear more from REACH, sign up for their newsletter.  I will translate a few of these points so you can understand how they would be appropriate for artists.


Times are tough for many economically. People and companies are trying to stretch their budgets and do more with less, less people, less time, less money.

Here are 5 tactics to to build your online brand if you have no blog site and no budget. (Sheri’s comment-get a blog! many are free)

1. Comment on other people’s blog posts. Who are the leaders in your industry? Identify them, follow them and then start to make thoughtful, consistent comments on their posts. Over time everyone recognizes and values a fan as long as they’re adding to the conversation. Sheri’s comment-if you are reading industry news everyday, and you should be, you will know these people. Their names come up over and over again.

2. Create a Facebook Fan Page for your business. You can start out by uploading your logo to the avatar. Post a well-shot video (doesn’t have to be professionally shot). Get active on Facebook – it’s the #1 social media tool by leaps and bounds. Sheri’s comment-create a professional page for yourself and on it you will only post news and information related to your professional interests. This should be a separate page from your personal profile. The personal page is for your intimate friends and family.

3. Recently delivered a presentation? Turn it into an e-book and offer it up on your Facebook Fan page for free or for a moderate amount of money. Sheri’s comment-this may not be appropriate for all of you, but if you have been asked to participate in a seminar, workshop or panel and prepared with notes or slides, you can do this with it when you are finished. Repurpose your by products.

4. If you have a sizable list offer to host a seminar by a credible resource on a particular topic that your target audience can benefit from. Sheri’s comment-this is especially appropriate if you are a documentarian. If you have a sizable list of supporters of a certain cause, you could offer to host a seminar for them, featuring an expert on that topic

5. Comment on blogs hosted by MAJOR third parties such as the New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalPeople MagazineUSA Today, Huffington Post – some of the biggest news brands on the web. These have lots of Google juice. Sheri’s comment-this could be said about major third party sites specific to the film industry too. The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Screen Daily, indieWire, etc. What’s Google juice? It means these sites rank very high in the search engine. If your name is associated with these sites, it raises your brand (your name) higher too.

Rachel Gogos is a personal brand builder that specializes in building strong and noticeable online identities and highly differentiated WordPress blog sites.

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