Now that we have concluded the interviews and draft writing for the digital book, it is time to start content marketing to promote it. This week, there were two posts of excerpts from the book. One was from my chapter on using file sharing networks to distribute work, featuring Nina Paley about what made her an advocate for Free Culture. The second one was from the interview with Paul Thomas about distributing American: The Bill Hicks Story. We plan to post every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays so keep an eye out for that and like our Facebook page to see what else we think you might find interesting. Also, one full chapter from the book will be published in this month’s issue of Filmmaker Magazine. It is the only time a full chapter will be released ahead of our official launch during IFP Week in September. I will be participating on a panel during IFP Week. Details on that coming soon.

We understand that this isn’t a book for those who are averse to seeing the job of a filmmaker change from being purely artistic to being an entrepreneur. We also understand some of the facts in this book aren’t going to be particularly easy to hear; that some investors, distributors, and sales agents will not be happy with how they are portrayed. Do know that not every service is a fit for every film. Sometimes projects and their agents are not well aligned and it reflects in the amount of success the film has. Moral of that point, choose your partners and who you give your rights away to wisely.

It also won’t be easy for filmmakers to hear this industry isn’t really paved with fame and fortune despite how glamorous it is usually portrayed. None of the subjects have achieved James Cameron style wealth and fame. Our subjects are working artists who want to create work on their own terms and sustain themselves in order to continue. They aren’t necessarily looking to become part of the studio employed, many of them do not have agents seeking to get them work. Many of them fund their work through grants, awards, and government subsidies, crowdfunding and out of their own pockets. Many of them make a living from a variety of activities such as writing, teaching, and speaking opportunities not only filmmaking, but around the subject of film. We want to show the true reality of being an independent filmmaker; the work and responsibility that comes with that identification.

And we want to celebrate those who are courageous enough to undertake this work and keep going. We hope they will give you the inspiration you need to keep going or the reality check you need to choose a different path.

Stay tuned…

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