Moving on…a change in direction

October 22, 2014
posted by sheric

All great things come to an end, but I prefer to think sometimes they just change direction. I want to thank all of you who have come to this blog seeking information on the current state of independent film marketing and distribution for the last 5 years. I hope that I have given you knowledge, courage, and inspiration to continue with your artistic endeavors so that you will be better prepared to form relationships with your audience and ask for their direct support of your work without being overly dependent on someone else to step in, take ownership rights and treat you fairly. Some of these entities do exist, but they are increasingly few.

I have taken on a new role at KCETLink, the nation’s largest independent TV station and an online digital network, that I hope will lead to expanding my own knowledge in this transitional time in entertainment. I will be working with a bigger team, a few more resources and covering a wider palette of interests from arts and culture to politics to food and centered on the Southern California lifestyle. I am particularly excited to work in episodic online digital content and online publishing as I believe these are the forms that audiences will increasingly watch and support.

I am still planning to keep this URL and this blog, though the site is in sore need of a redesign! I will also rebrand myself to speak more about marketing technique and technology, artistic entrepreneurship and what is happening in the digital entertainment industry. Hopefully you will want to read my thoughts about this too. Stay tuned for that change in direction.

You can still find me online: Twitter, Facebook (though that page will be renamed soon), Linkedin and Google Plus.

If you were hoping to keep up with independent film in particular, you might jump over and find what you are looking for on my colleagues’ sites:

The Film Collaborative

Jon Reiss

Stacey Parks

Jason Brubaker

Nadin Hadi

It has been a great pleasure to research and write for you; teach for you in person; and attend independent film events all over the world.

Here’s to the next 5 years!–Sheri






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