Guest posting

May 6, 2013
posted by sheric

I am definitely open to having posts by guest bloggers, but I do have a few guidelines. My mission for this blog is to provide readers who are primarily independent filmmakers or those involved in independent film marketing, with useful, practical, and entertaining content about online film marketing. I like a well considered post with researched facts, recent examples in independent film (ie NOT Blair Witch Project!),  links to information talked about in the post, free of grammatical errors and a creative commons or rights cleared image to illustrate the post. I don’t want to spend a lot of time editing a guest post.

Case studies, interviews, sharing practical tips and real world experience are the types of posts my readers find valuable. Something that provides a real benefit to the low budget filmmaker who is willing to do the work of gathering an audience, instead of being dependent exclusively on a third party. This blog should provide something they can act on to improve their marketing and branding in particular, but perhaps some of their other skills related to filmmaking.

Unless you are willing to share in depth information about running your crowdfunding campaign, the mechanics of publishing and marketing your book, unusual equipment you used to make your film, or useful tools you found to help your film succeed, please do not inquire. I will not accept highly self promotional material.

If you have a post idea that matches these criteria, send an email

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