December 4, 2012
posted by sheric

Comments taken from feedback at workshop events:


Lisa Howe, Training Manager Creative England

We were pleased to welcome Sheri to the UK as a guest speaker on the iFeatures2 feature film development programme. Sheri’s grasp of social and online marketing is thorough, insightful and proven. She offers filmmakers practical and considered guidance on how to connect meaningfully with audiences online. Her love of film and understanding of markets combine to provide a clear and broad view of the possibilities and pitfalls. When it comes to presenting, Sheri is a natural communicator and motivator, with a knack for homing in on the things that really count.





What filmmakers have said about my help or about my expertise.

Producer Una Jackman, Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance

Sheri Candler is a professional in every aspect of the word. As a producer of the documentary Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance, I was privileged to see first hand her amazing abilities.  She has a great knowledge of what is important for marketing a movie successfully. Sheri never tires in her efforts to make things run smoothly.  She educated me on the current trends in marketing, and she also exhibited a knowledge of every aspect of the genre we were working with.   Her expertise and skills helped propel our movie to a wider audience.  I was always impressed with her ability to get the job done, and complete tasks effortlessly, and pleasantly. This is such an important element when there are deadlines and last minute situations that can be very stressful.  Sheri always is prepared for whatever comes her way, and I hope we will work together again.




TV and film producer/directors Joke and Biagio Dying to do Letterman

If you’re a filmmaker and you’re not regularly visiting the Sheri Candler Marketing and Publicity blog, you are missing out. Sheri is an expert at identifying and explaining new trends, tips, and techniques to help you market your independent film. Whether talking film distributionsocial media marketingFacebook for filmmakers, or any one of a handful of other topics important to indies, Sheri offers straight-forward, honest advice that doesn’t tip-toe around the issues (we especially appreciated and agreed with a recent point she made stating that sometimes art is too personal to reach an audience and make money.) We’ve read a lot on the topic of promoting independent projects lately as we are out with our own documentary Dying to do Letterman…and we still learn something new every time we visit Sheri’s blog.”




Director Hunter Weeks RIDE THE DIVIDE

Sheri was instrumental in helping Ride the Divide broaden its marketing reach to go way beyond its strong core niche of cyclists. She helped us secure press and offered a sound strategy for helping give our title a big push as a leading independent film.






Producer Eric Hungerford YELLOWBRICKROAD

I brought on Sheri to handle PR for the indie film YELLOWBRICKROAD for its Slamdance premiere. Sheri worked tirelessly to get the word out: arranging audience targeted interviews with press outlets prior to and during the festival, ensuring awareness on the ground at the festival, and introducing myself and the filmmakers to other filmmakers at the cutting edge of indie distribution. She is very knowledgeable about social media and viral campaigns, understands the current state of independent film marketing, and always has the best interests of the film at heart.”






Producer James Collie Beyond Biba

“I first found out about Sheri after listening to a podcast where she was interviewed by Chris Jones which was recorded in her car! I soon got in contact and she was very helpful with advice and different approaches we should use to get the word out about our film. She also responds to emails faster than anyone I know!”



Praise for the book:

Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul proves that the dominant challenges of yesterday are now solve-able. Nothing is out of reach. The path to freedom has been found!”

Ted Hope, Producer

The biggest challenge facing filmmakers contemplating releasing their own films is gaining the knowledge needed to do it. Full of real-world strategies and fact-filled case studies, SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL is a must read for filmmakers contemplating entrepreneurship in the name of their art.”

Scott Macaulay, editor, Filmmaker Magazine

For my buck, a book like SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL is worth about a hundred application fees to Sundance and a thousand fees to conference/markets like IFP.

Emily Millay Haddad, Filmmaker