September 19, 2014
posted by sheric

I regularly speak about social networking, building audiences for an artist’s work, and artistic entrepreneurship.

Upcoming events:


October 7 New Models of Distribution, Santa Monica, CA


Past events


September 6  Workshop sponsored by New Zealand Film Commission. Invitation only.

September 4  Tropfest Roughcut, Auckland, NZ

June 12-15 Binger FilmLab, Amsterdam, NL-presentation slides

June 6-11 Sheffield Doc/Fest, Sheffield, UK



December 11 The Marketing Imperative, webinar with Atlanta Film Festival

December 8 The Marketing Imperative, webinar with Atlanta Film Festival

October 20  Distribution is 100% achievable, webinar with Atlanta Film Festival

June 12-16 Sheffield Doc/Fest, Sheffield, UK

June 10, 2013 Binger Filmlab, Amsterdam, NL (slides here)

April 29, 2013  Sync UP Cinema Conference, New Orleans, LA

March 18, 2013  Alliance of Women Directors, Los Angeles, CA (members only)

March 15, 2013  IPF Digital Marketing Workshop, Vancouver, Canada

February 22, 2013  IPF Digital Marketing Workshop, Winnipeg, Canada

January 21, 2013  Getting Your Film Out: Understanding and Maximizing Distribution and Marketing, Slamdance Film Festival

January 17-22, 2013 Slamdance Film Festival Juror, Park City, UT



November 21, 2012  SDGI‘s Annual Meeting of Directors, Dublin, Ireland

November 16, 2012  Danish Film Directors Association workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark

November 14, 2012  iFeatures2, Nottingham, UK

November 9-10, 2012   Lone Star Film Festival, Fort Worth, TX

September 28, 2012  Edmonton International Film Festival, Canada

September 16-20 2012 Independent Film Week Project Forum, New York, NY

July 20-25, 2012  Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico

June 13-17, 2012  MeetMarket, Sheffield DocFest, Sheffield, UK

June 10, 2012   Producer Masterclass, London, UK

June 8, 2012      Federation of European Film Directors General Assembly, Copenhagen, Denmark

May 26, 2012     Audience Building and Dealmaking for Independent Films, Los Angeles, CA

May 15, 2012    Marketing the Director, DGA East, New York City