Last few days for FREE downloads plus other updates

September 28, 2011
posted by sheric

In case you didn’t know, we have at long last released our book Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul and had a launch party last week in New York City. Thanks to all who turned out to wish us well and buy a physical copy (even though they could have a free one digitally, who knew?).

There are only a few days left to get your free digital download for whatever reading device you have and mostly for anywhere in the world. The text only pdf will always be free so there will be NO excuse to not have the helpful information inside no matter where you live. Unfortunately, iTunes sales will only work in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany.  Amazon sales will only work in the US, UK and Germany for now. We have a book distributor who is sorting out the printed edition for bookstores and he should be getting the book out in other countries IF iTunes allows digital books on those sites. Spain, for example, does not have digital books in the iTunes store much to the disappointment of my boys from The Cosmonaut :(

The .mobi and ePub files on our own site will work on these devices so you can manually download them from the site and upload to the device. These will be coming off of the site when the free period is over, so if you planned on getting a copy for free and from anywhere in the world, hurry up.

Here are a few quotes from filmmakers who have read the book:

“The book dispels misinformation that has been circulating with regards to actual income that can be derived by utilizing various types of deals involving and/or combining VOD, digital rights, theatrical releases and DVD sales and offers real life case studies that talk about the creative campaigns filmmakers have devised that are working.”

“So far I’m up to page 52 and I can assure you that this is absolutely essential reading for independent filmmakers. Indie producers, myself included, are usually quite coy about the financial side of filmmaking…Well, this book bares it all! I am shocked and delighted by the transparency of the filmmakers involved.”

“It’s a gold mine of information from a group of people that have gone out and done what someone like me, a person with a non-mainstream film, wants/needs to do.”-Jeff Barry Films


We are discussing plans for a Los Angeles launch party to coincide with DIY Days at UCLA on October 28 so our LA friends can celebrate with us. Stay tuned for details. Also regarding DIY Days, that is a FREE event (we LOVE free right?) and should be packed with filmmakers, gamers, hackers and all kinds of transmedia peeps in the LA area. Major networking going on there so make your plan to skip work that day and spend it on the UCLA campus.


I have been asked to participate in the International Women in Digital Media Summit (iWDMS) in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on October 25. The keynote speaker for the summit is Arianna Huffington which is awesome! Registration closes October 12. My panel is on  Distributing Digital Projects, Case Study: ‘Moderation Town’ and I will talk about connecting with audiences when distributing work digitally. If you are in Stratford, come say hi.


My lovely friend Tiffany Shlain has a new documentary releasing now and for the next few months across the United States called Connected. I saw it at Sundance this year and it blew me away. I love the subject matter of course (love of technology and proclaiming our Interdependence!) and she has been making the rounds online and on traditional media outlets to talk about the concepts behind her film. Here’s the trailer:

Join the film’s Facebook page for updates on where the film is playing and go see it.


Last update, the return of #filmin140 to Twitter. Yes, we took a hiatus for summer, but we plan to be back in October. Emails between Charles Judson, Mark Bell and I have been flying and we think our next session will be on using social media (believe me, the irony of using Twitter to discuss how to use social media with luddites did not escape us!) We have a few ideas for filmmakers who are doing this really well, but if you know someone or you ARE someone doing this, please send me a message @shericandler. No firm date in October yet, but it will be a Wednesday. Stay tuned for that.

#Filmin140 Returns

March 16, 2011
posted by sheric

It has been a while since we ran the Twitter discussion panel, before Sundance I think. Between Mark Bell and me being in Park City and Austin and Charles Judson gearing up for Atlanta Film Festival, schedules just didn’t get us together. #Filmin140 was born in September 2010 when Charles, Mark and I were talking on Twitter about having a place where all filmmakers, no matter where they lived, could access the new information being shared and talk directly with innovators without having to travel to festivals and panel weekends which are usually filled with old model thinkers. We decided we would build that place, using Twitter.

Tonight we return with one of the most awesome panels to date!!

“I thought the producer just finds the money?” was born out of Charles’ experience with new filmmakers who don’t have a clear picture of what the producer’s job is. There are many definitions of producer in the film world and tonight we get to speak with some truly innovative, well respected producers to find out how they produce films. Ted Hope and Amanda Bailey produced James Gunn’s Super, due for release on April 1. Both have a long list of credits and you can watch a retrospective of Ted’s slate here. Thomas Woodrow produced last year’s Sundance buzz film Bass Ackwards. We’d like to keep the discussion on the subject of producing, so please refrain from pitching them on your project.

If this is your first time participating, please visit the Film Threat site for instructions. You’ll need a Twitter account obviously. We recommend using Tweetchat because you won’t have to remember to add in the #filmin140 tag to your tweets. If you don’t use the tag, your tweet doesn’t show up in the discussion stream. If you can’t join us tonight, a transcript of the discussion will be available the next day on the Film Threat site and should stay archived. I expect the stream will move quite fast tonight; it will be a challenge to keep up so you might want to see the archive later even if you are there live. You can start sending in questions any time, just mark them #filmin140q. The discussion runs one hour but often well over. Panelists are only required to stay the hour though. We start promptly at 9pmET/8pmCT/6pmPT.

Hope to see you all tonight and check out our Facebook page for some additional background on the panelists.

New Twitter Initiative for Indie Filmmakers

September 22, 2010
posted by sheric


Today on Twitter a discussion erupted between Film Threat’s Mark Bell, Atlanta Film Festival Communications Director Charles Judson and myself about why panel discussions at independent film festivals and film events rarely break new ground or feature new voices, just the same old legacy people talking the same old stuff. So I think I suggested that we start our own discussion on new ideas and feature new voices and host it on Twitter. #filmin140 was born.

Starting September 29 9-10pmET we will do a bimonthly discussion on prearranged topics with guests representing various views but with participation from anyone wanting to participate, ask questions, offer solutions and case studies etc. The first topic under discussion is Film Piracy-Does it help or hurt? We think it will be a lively discussion.

We are open to suggestions from participants for future topics of interest. It is our goal that this forum will forward innovative thinking, champion voices we aren’t hearing who are experimenting and finding success and allow those who do not live in major urban centers or can’t regularly travel to them a place where they can learn and participate. We look forward to hearing from you on Wednesday.